Den profesjonelle skriveren MGI jetvarnish 3D Evo
Den profesjonelle skriveren MGI jetvarnish 3D Evo


  • Digital UV-spottlakk/varmfoliering for 2D/3D-effekter 
  • Gjør vanlig printjobber til bemerkelsesverdig og tiltalende printmateriale
  • Gir strålende folieeffekter på digitale og offsetjobber
  • Perfekt registrering med den revolusjonerende AIS SmartScanner 
  • Skill deg ut og få høyere verdi
Den profesjonelle skriveren MGI jetvarnish 3D Evo
Den profesjonelle skriveren MGI jetvarnish 3D Evo



Skill deg ut

Hvis du har til hensikt å oppgradere tjenestene dine og få dem til å skille seg ut, bør du velge MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution, som den ideelle løsningen for printleverandører. Gjør vanlige printjobber til bemerkelsesverdig og tiltalende print ved å gi det en spottlakk, markere definerte områder eller legge til taktile 3D-effekter med UV-spottlakk MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution. Når du kombinerer dette med den innebygde varmfolieringsmodulen, vil du oppnå en enda mer eksklusiv finish.

Den profesjonelle skriveren MGI jetvarnish 3D Evo

Spesifikasjoner & Nedlastinger

Spesifikasjoner & Nedlastinger
System Specifications
Printing technology Exclusive MGI inkjet engine technology
Drop-on-Demand (DoD) inkjet application
Piezoelectric print heads in single pass printing
Coating thicknesses Depending on the print file and substrate used, the coating
thickness can vary from a traditional flat spot UV coating
of 3** μm up to 232 μm for 3D raised texture effects and a
tactile finish.
Production speed Up to 3,123 ISO B2 sheets per hour in all versions
The version Evo 75 can reach up to 4,200* ISO B2 sheets per
hour (in landscape) and up to 2,291 ISO B1 sheets per hour
Registration SmartScanner coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AIS) for a
real-time fully automated sheet-to-sheet registration process
No crop marks required
Formats Min: 42 x 29.7 cm
Standard: 52 x 105 cm
Max: 52 x 120 mm with optional pallet feeder and stacker
Options: 64 x 120 cm or 75 x 120 cm
Printable areas Max: 51 cm
Options: 63 cm or 74 cm
Substrate thickness Min: 135 gsm and not less than 150 μm before
printing & lamination
Max: 800 gsm and not more than 800 μm before
printing & lamination ***
Substrates Enhancement on most** matte or glossy laminated surfaces,
with or without aqueous coating, layered paper, plastic,
PVC and other coated materials. The used substrate needs
to be either coated or laminated. Otherwise the media will
absorb the varnish and the desired effect might be lost
Varnish on toner Spot 3D coat directly onto most** digital prints
UV coatings and capacity 1 coating tank for both 2D & 3D applications
One high capacity tank of 18 litres
“On-the-fly” tank changeover possible during production
without any interruption and no waste
Automatic feeder High capacity feeder for paper stacks of up to 60 cm height
for 75 x 120 cm sheets ***
Approximately 4,000 sheets at 135 gsm
Pallet stacker Supports sheets of up to 75 x 120 cm size on pallet packaging
Paper path 100% flat paper path
Vacuum feed system
Air feed system
Automatic double sheet detection
Front end system Intuitive touchscreen software management suite controlled
by a 27’’ monitor
Job cost calculator, image editor, queue manager and reprint,
camera and print head settings and reprint, dedicated
controller for equipment settings and technical data
Ethernet connection 10/100/1000 BT in RJ 45
In-line UV dryer “On-the-fly” drying & curing via integrated UV lamps
Maintenance & remote technical support Automated inkjet head cleaning and wiping
Daily maintenance completed in less than 10 min
Mainly automated procedures
From cold start to production in less than 15 min
Remote troubleshooting & support via included web video
camera (high-speed internet connection required)
Operator panel Integrated user-friendly LCD touchscreen
Product Specifications - iFOIL-L
Production speed Up to 2,300 B2 landscape sheets per hour
Formats Up to 75 x 120 cm
Hot foil stamping area Max: 74 x 119 cm
Substrate thickness Min: 150 μm
Max: 600 μm (standard), 800 μm (optional)
Foil rolls Max. roll diameter and length: approx. 30 cm and from
400 to 2,000 meters of film
Up to 5 simultaneous film rolls on the same axis
(with a minimum of 10 cm per roll)
2 cores available Change for: 1 inch as standard and
3 inches as option
Dry air Requires air without oil at 6 bar (87 psi) & 24 m3/h (14 cfm)
Product Specifications - MGI JETVARNISH 3D EVOLUTION + IFOIL-L
Dimensions (L x W x H) Up to 12.72 x 1.86 x 1.84 meter (Evo 75 full options)
Weight Approx. 4,524 kg
Electrical requirements 40 kW (63 A) at 400 Volts - 50/60 Hz + 20 kW (32 A) at
400 Volts - 50/60 Hz
Temperature 18 to 30°C
Relative humidity between 30 and 50% (no condensation)
Corona1/2 substrates
treatment module
In-line system to optimise varnish adhesion on complex
printed substrates
Variable Data Printing
– Full variable data (text, graphic, image) for both
2D/3D spot coating and hot foiling areas
– Integrated barcode (1D/2D) reader system & controller
– Raster Image Processor (RIP) as an option
64 cm Evo kit for
upgrade enhancement
Option or later update for printing of up to 64 x 120 cm
sheet size
75 cm Evo kit for
upgrade enhancement
Option or later update for printing of up to 75 x 120 cm
sheet size


* With the 75cm/Evo kit. 
** Confirm substrate/toner/metallic film compatibility with MGI.
*** With optional pallet feeder and stacker. Corona Surface Treatment Option might affect the max. thickness of media, which can be used on the MGI JETvarnish 3D EVO. Please get in touch with Konica Minolta/ MGI for any further details and an exact Validation

  • The support and availability of the listed specifications and functionalities varies depending on applications as well as system configurations.
  • The stated life expectancy of each consumable is based on specific operating conditions such as page coverage for a particular page size. The actual life of each consumable will vary depending on use and other printing variables including page coverage, page size, media type, continuous or intermittent printing, ambient temperature and humidity.
  • Some of the product illustrations contain optional accessories.
  • Specifications and accessories are based on the information available at the time of printing and are subject to change without notice.
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